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KFM Filter was initially established for the marketing and sales of

automobile products manufactured by Kinsen Filter Manufacturing, Malaysia.

With emphasis placed on Japanese brand automobiles and production technology

from Korea and Japan, the products manufactured focused on replacements for

both air and cabin filters. Over the course of years, KFM Filter has been

successful in developing its “KFM Filter brand name and recognized in the US as a

manufacturer of premium cabin filters.  In response to market demand and to

better service our customer base, the company established its corporate offices

and a new manufacturing facility located at Temple City, California Kinsen Filter is

proud to have its products made in the USA.




1992 - Established Thian Seng Trading, an export automobile spare parts business located in Pasadena, CA. Factory export representative for 5 US manufacturers in             the  Asian market


2000 -  Established Kinsen Filter Manufacturing in Malaysia Manufactured air filters for

             US market. Manufactured plastic components for Samsung Electronics Display in



2003 -  OES air filter supplier to Nissan (Tan Chong Motors Malaysia)


2004 -  Established KFM Filter USA to introduce “KFM Filter brand. Kinsen

              is recognized as a pioneer for manufacturing cabin filters in Southeast Asia


2007 -  OES cabin filter supplier for multiple automobile manufacturers including                

          Nissan (Tan Chong Motor Malaysia), Toyota (UMW Advantech Malaysia),                

             Perodua (Malaysia national car) and Denso Malaysia.


2009 -  Established  cabin filter production facilities in the US “KFM Filter brand is

             recognized nationwide. 


2015 -  "KFM Filter" successful made and deliver the first cabin filter shipment to

            Wix Filter on July 2015.


2019 - We incorporated Kinsen Filter Manufacturer USA to continue to expend Made In         USA "KFM Filter"  cabin filter.     

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